Pristine Clearing​

From Jan in December 2016

I was very impressed with Lee Tuttle, he listened and understood and handled the work like it was his own property.  He did everything I asked and was professional in every way.  He is great to work with and will be my “go to guy” for all my future land clearing or mowing needs.Type your paragraph here.

From Geoffrey back in November 2016

Thank you for a great job clearing our property. We are very happy with how you cleaned as you went along and did not leave us with a bunch of clutter and stumps everywhere. Also thank you for stacking everything into burn piles, still waiting for a good day to do a burn but at least all we have to do is light it up!

offers a high quality land improvement service to Developers and Land Owners. 

If you want a quote from a landscaper, please

offer a high quality land improvement service to Developers and land Owners. LET US help.

From Dan back in December 2015

I contracted with Lee at Pristine Clearing to clear my lot near Burnet, Texas. My lot was rocky and thick with cactus, brush and cedar trees. Lee's bid was very competitive and his work was superb. Even my neighbors saw the value and quality of his work and immediately contracted with him for clearing their property. If you are looking for value and quality clearing, Lee and Pristine Clearing is  a great choice!

From Claudia back in July 2016

We met with Mr. Tuttle to discuss the clearing of two lots which were covered in brush and cactus. He was easy to work with, gave us a quote and timeline. We subsequently agreed to have him do the job for us. He was true to his word on the quote, the timeline and the work was to our specifications. We would not hesitate to refer him to anyone looking for dependable, affordable and professional land clearing in Central Texas. Thank you Pristine Clearing for a job well done!

From Larry back in 2015

We appreciate the work Lee did for us, clearing a large patch of cactus. He also moved quite a few large rocks for us, which he didn’t have to do. He hauled the debris off and took care of that for us as well. Thanks Lee, for a job well done!

From Reda in February 2017

Pristine Clearing hauled some brush off my property in the last few months. Lee Tuttle did it at a reasonable price using good equipment to do so. Lee and his good friend, Francisco,  also coordinated building a wire, t-post, metal post fence of about 250 feet on my property just now completing it in about 3 weekends. The wire is tight, the "H" braces are set in concrete, the welding was good and the fence is straight and close to the ground. I would recommend them for this type of work. Their prices were reasonable and they did what they said they would do.

From becke in August 2016

Hello Lee,
Thank you for the professional help in clearing around our house. Your new Bob Cat is great, and we especially appreciated your care and knowledge for what to clear and what to keep. It was also nice that you had helpers to provide hand tool clearing. You and your helpers were courteous and polite, as well as safety minded to be careful while working.
We look forward to the next clearing project coming up for us this fall.
Best Regards.

Many thanks to Lee and his crew of Pristine Clearing.
Pristine Clearing helps with big or small clearing projects. We have several acres that are not yet pristine. Lee is helping us tackle one acre at a time.
He is very conscientious, careful and considerate.

Mike & Becke in Burnet