Skid Steer 

Skid steer will run 1000$ per 8 to 10 hour day 

​Skid steer work can be grubbing trees, grading around houses and drive ways.

day rates for areas around Burnet, Bertram and Liberty Hill for mulching and any land clearing needs. 


Labor 300$ per day per person.

we also offer guys to do any hand labor or chainsaw work.

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Pristine Clearing

Mini Excavator

Mini Excavator will run 1000$ per 8 to 10 hour work day.

can add a hydraulic hammer for a additional 250$ per day 

the mini is great for trenching and excavating.



Mulching runs 1500$ per day for a 8 to 10 hours work day. 

Mulching is the safest way to handle brush piles and clearing of land.